Jeremy Wolting
Hello there! Glad you came. I'm a young lad who set out on his own to see Europe. During my time there, I started taking photography a good bit more seriously and am looking to pursue it full-time as a career back here in Chatham.
I offer a wide range of photography services such as family, engagement, wedding, modelling as well as drone work with my Phantom 4 Pro. If you have any questions about availability, rates or anything else of the sorts, feel free to message me at, or alternatively, call or text me at (+1) 519-365-2853. 
I take pride in my abilities to take great photos and deliver them to you exceedingly fast. I will often be able to get photos back to you within 3 days of a shoot. 
(If you're interested, I sell prints of all my photos, and can happily provide them for you if you'd like)